Frequently Asked questions

What is InstaMove?

We are a team of experienced technology and real estate professionals, based in Amsterdam. Our mission is to simplify the process of buying and selling houses by removing the stress and uncertainty out of the process. You can work with InstaMove to buy your dream home without contingencies and sell your current home for market price.

Technology has changed our everyday life but not the way we sell and buy real estate. InstaMove takes on a challenge to improve the experience for home sellers and buyers by providing top-notch service, transparency, and liquidity to the market.

Where does InstaMove operate?

We operate in most of the Amsterdam neighbourhoods. Check if your neighbourhood is covered. If not, stay tuned and check often! We are actively expanding our coverage.

How does selling with InstaMove work?

Enter your home details at and we will offer you a market price for your home if it’s in our coverage area.
If you like our offer, we will arrange home inspection at your convenience and you can choose the closing date.

How does InstaMove determine the value of your property?

Based on the information you provide, as well as recently sold similar houses in your area, we’ll provide you with an estimate of what we think your home will sell for once we list it on the market. After an in-person assessment, we might update the value based on home’s condition and unique characteristics.

Is an InstaMove offer negotiable?

We take into account multiple factors in evaluating value of your property and believe our offer is a fair market price. However, if you feel we are missing something important about your property please let us know at and we will re-evaluate your home.

How do I accept an InstaMove offer?

First of all, congratulations! Just reply to our email or send us a message at

How does Trade In work?
Unlike a traditional broker, InstaMove lets you skip the stress of selling your old home and buying a new home at the same time. With us, you will not need to make a contingent offer or lose out on your dream home because you haven’t sold your current home.

InstaMove enables homeowners to buy their new home before selling their current home and to get a market price on their home sale.

  • We provide you with an estimated value of your current house so you can shop for homes knowing exactly how much you can afford.
  • Once you find a house you like, we buy it for you by making a cash offer (that is preferable for home seller and can lead to a discount up to 3% of the new house value).
  • After the offer to buy is accepted, InstaMove lists your home on the market, and when it sells you use the equity you get to buy the new house from us.
  • You can move into the new house once it’s purchased by InstaMove and avoid paying a double mortgage while waiting for your house to be sold. InstaMove also pays the bills for the old house after you move to the new one so you avoid both double moves and double costs.
Other questions?

Send your questions to and we will get back to you as soon as possible.